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Testing Workings

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1 Testing Workings on Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:33 pm

Jody Parker

Testing gives Testing Points which are later converted into R&D points, Engineering Points, and finally CC Points.
The amount of points gained at each stage depend on Driver T.I stat, TD's Exp stat, and the Facility levels of Windtunnel, R&D workshop, R&D design center, Engineering workshop, and Alloy and chemical lab.
I am certain that a TD's R&D aerodynamics, R&D electronics, and R&D mechanics also play a role but not as much as the Exp.

Car Influences

The various Testing Priorities give the same amount of total Testing Points but at different Ratios. The exceptions are Testing Car Limits and Setup Tuning.
Setup Tuning is just like setting up the car in Practice, you get feedback from the driver on how the car feels. The wear on the car is increased when doing this and you have to use a minimum of 5 laps per stint so you lose a lot of potential Testing Points gained. Not recommended. Instead use Tool to get an approximate Setup and use that.
Testing Car Limits I don't know what it does tbh.

The ratio of the others are, in percent or in of 100 gained Testing Points, as follows:
Priority\CC P / H / A
No special priority 33.3 / 33.3 / 33.3
Top speed 80 / 10 / 10
Cornering 10 / 80 / 10
Hairpins 10 / 10 / 80
Braking 25 / 50 / 50 25 (edit: RQ 9/19/18)
Overtaking 50 / 25 / 25
Chicanes 25 / 25 / 50

To get to or above 100 Testing Points in a full 100 Lap Testing Session you need a combination of high Driver T.I, TD Exp, and decent Facilities so will not get that until reaching Pro in all likelihood, or if having a great T.I in Amateur.
The points gained in Amateur is more likely between 70 and 90.

Driver T.I gives roughly +0.09 to +0.12 total Testing Points per point in T.I., split by the ratio depending on Priority used.
TD Exp gives roughly +0,1 to +0,2 Testing Point per Exp point though this is a very rough number and needs to be evaluated more together with the effect of the TD's R&D aerodynamics stat.

Facilities are an unknown so far though names of them suggest:
Windtunnel: Increases gains in Testing Points.
R&D workshop: Increases gains in R&D points.
R&D design center: Increases gains in R&D points.
Engineering workshop: Increases gains in Engineering points.
Alloy and chemical lab: Increases gains in Engineering points.

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2 Re: Testing Workings on Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:50 pm

Jody Parker

Testing also has an impact on 3 Driver Statistics; Stamina, Experience and T.I.

Stamina: The lower the driver's Stamina the greater the reward on it. it's a good way to get a Driver up in Stamina fast.
Under 25 it's around +6 for a full 100 Testing laps.
25-50 about +5, 50-75 +4, 75-100 +3, 100-125 +2, 125-150 +1, and then down to fractions of Stamina per full Testing Session.

T.I: Seems to depend slightly on what kind of Testing that is done and probably also depends on how high it already is. I've mostly seen a +1 or 0 result in my Testings.

Exp: Same as T.I. though different criteria.

It's been suggested that Setup Tuning and Car Limit Testing could have a further impact on T.I and possibly Exp. The ratio of Testing Points gained is being tested as well so the top post should be updated (and this paragraph removed) once that is done.

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